The main promoters of the products distributed by Free Star are represented by the customers and users of these goods. By category, retailer, network hipermaket builder and even the final consumer, each client has a share in the work of Free Star. This contribution is rewarded by the favorable conditions of sale and delivery, discussed and determined individual.

Goods customers

Given that there are potential partners that require transport, storage, consulting, mixing paint and / or processing metal sheets, Free Star ensure prompt availability and offer for these operations.

Services customers

External support of Free Star activity is brought by service providers committed to afferent partnership. 

Services suppliers

Free Star, based on the field of activity allocates their its own resources and continue to develop the portfolio of suppliers of goods, taking into account customer needs and requirements of the market price

During of 15 years, Free Star put available to applicants a wide range of goods, from products of stock up to special orders from medium up to the premium products, from individual products to integrated system. Meanwhile, the main trend has been importing these categories of goods directly from renowned manufacturers from countries such as Poland, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey, Hungary, Russia, Greece etc..

Goods suppliers