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Top 10 safety elements

Every week, at least one person dies on a construction site, but the truth is that some minimum measures can prevent this.

We all know that building there are some dangers of dangerous chemicals, falling objects in a high hazard and harmful noise levels. However, there are several different pieces of equipment that can successfully save lives.

Here are the top 10 essential safety measures to be used when working on a construction site:



It is understood that any worker can risk head injuries caused by falling objects from a great height. A helmet is required in this area because it can prevent injury caused by falling objects.

The law requires you to wear protective headgear as a construction site and on almost all sites, there are situations where head injuries might happen. Head protection equipment should be in good shape to fit properly and be purchased only from a reputable supplier.

2. HAM

A suspension system type belt or harness should be worn when working on a mobile platform. There is no minimum stature that has to be held as the use of such equipment is determined by the height. A risk assessment should be made to take appropriate measures to reduce the consequences of a fall.

3. Hearing protection

Continuous noise at about 85-90 decibels can damage your hearing, so it is imperative to wear proper hearing protection or ear plugs form or in the form of helmets. However, it is equally important to be able to hear warning signals sound like a fire alarm sound.

4. High visibility clothing

When heavy equipment vehicles used on the site, it is crucial that all workers can be seen at any time to avoid an accident. This can take the form of a reflective jacket or vest and pants using. You must ensure that these ARTCO be visible even when torrential rains.

5. Garbage disposal

Fator Garbage is important in terms of accidents on construction sites. Therefore, the construction site should be clean and properly disposed garbage.

6. Railings

Activities that take place on scaffolding at inlatime are quite dangerous, especially if there is a railing. Many people have lost their lives in such conditions.


The employer shall provide eye and face protection if there is risk of injury their workers. Air and dust materials are very common on construction sites, especially for an activity such as drilling. However, this protection should be as little as possible to limit the field of vision.

The main equipment for eye protection goggles or masks are.


Hands are subjected daily to all kinds of chemicals and harmful in this field. Gloves should not miss the kit for a worker in protective construction sites.

9. BOOTS coated steel

A beam drill can do serious damage to the foot, especially if you are wearing proper boots. Coated steel boots can save your foot from injury with a sharp object.

10. Extinction

It is understood that there are many different flammable materials, liquids and gases. Make sure they are stored properly in a ventilated area and that smoking is banned around the place where flammable material is stored. In a fire, a fire extinguisher can stop its expansion.

Because of the dangers that arise in a construction site, it is imperative to procure a suitable protective equipment.